Teachers’ Auto Insurance Plan of NJ

Plymouth Rock Assurance — Teachers’ Auto Insurance Plan of NJ recognizes the selfless contributions of New Jersey’s educators and school employees. We are proud to exclusively serve this special group with preferential rates on auto insurance in NJ and unique education-based benefits. Because we only insure members of the educational
community, we can offer lower rates than companies that insure everyone.

In fact, drivers who switch to Teachers’ Auto Insurance in NJ save an average of $700 a year!

NJ Teachers Auto Insurance Savings

Signature Programs by Plymouth Rock Assurance

  • School Zone Zero Deductibles – You shouldn’t have to worry about incidents that occur on school grounds. We’ll waive your comprehensive and collision deductibles.
  • Free First Class Roadside Assistance – Travel with peace of mind. We’re always available to help if you have an emergency anywhere in the United States.
  • Get Home Safe – If you are too tired to drive, had a little too much wine at dinner, or just don’t feel safe driving, you don’t have to. We’ll cover your cab fare once a year up to $50.

Best Teaching Insurance Savings in North Jersey

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