The 3 Ways to Purchase Insurance

Everywhere you turn, someone is claiming to offer the best coverage and the biggest savings.  Which is funny because youve gotten a few quotes, and they’ve been far from “cheap.”  With all of the choices out there, you have to narrow them down to a short list of companies that you will get a quote from….but how?

One great way to help zero in on the policy that is right for you is to understand the 3 types of companies that you can buy insurance from.  There are direct writers, captive agents and independent agents.  Here is a description of each:

Direct writer – An insurance company that has no agents.  Their claim is that they bring you savings because they do not have agents.  Generally you will contact them either by phone, or by going online.  Little is offered in terms of coverage advise and guidance.  The focus is usually on price.  Examples of these are GEICO and Progressive.

Captive agent – An agent with a neighborhood storefront.  You will receive advise and guidance to help you select the right coverage.  They are sales agents for one company.  In other words, they work for that insurance company and are not able to offer policies for any other insurance company.  Good examples of these are State Farm and Allstate agents.

Independent agent – Similar to a captive agent in that they have a local storefront and offer comprehensive insurance advise.  The agent works for you, rather than an insurance company.  They are not bound to one company, and generally offer policies from a wide variety of insurance companies.

The Nelson-Patterson Agency is an independent agent.  We work for you.  Our goal is to provide you the best coverage at the best price.  We are not affiliated with just one insurance company, and we feel that this enables us to achieve our goal by offering you options.

We hope you found this post informative, and invite you to give us a try.  Whether you are looking for a trusted insurance advisor for guidance and to show you options, or someone who knows exactly what they want and is shopping for price, we think you will find what you are looking for at Nelson-Patterson.


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